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At Mayo's Printing and Business Services, we epitomize professionalism, convenience, and affordability for our community. Our extensive offerings include an array of professional services such as copying, faxing, typing, emailing, computer services, and much more. Through unwavering dedication, community-centric values, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Mayo's Printing and Business Services stand as beacons of progress and empowerment within our community.


The  Mayo's Printing and Business Services story began in 1984 with the acquisition of Leimert Office Supply, nestled on the vibrant Crenshaw Blvd in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. With a strategic focus on empowering the African American community, Mark harnessed the opportunities presented by the Affirmative Action policies of the City of Los Angeles and The Los Angeles School District, propelling Leimert Office Supply to emerge as the preeminent black-owned office supply dealer in Los Angeles.

However, adversity struck in May 1992, when the Los Angeles Riots consumed Leimert Office Supply in flames. Undeterred, Mark returned to his hometown, Columbus, Ohio, and established Mayo’s Printing and Office Supply on the bustling Mt. Vernon Avenue. Unwaveringly dedicated to uplifting the African American Community, Mark continued to leverage the support provided by the City of Columbus and Columbus Public Schools to bolster minority enterprises.

In February 2006, the evolution continued as Mayo’s Printing expanded its horizons to encompass Mayo’s Printing and Business Services Pledging his commitment to neighborhoods and Minority Businesses, we strive to redefine operational standards.


Our Team.

Our team of professionals are here to serve you and all of your printing needs.


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